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Making tech 

sound more human

New advances in technology are emerging and evolving at rates that make it feel impossible to catch up.

Everyone knows that understanding these changes is important, but no one has the time to figure out how or what it really means for them.

That's where drow,inc. comes in.

Ready for targeted, engaging, and delightfully sensible messaging? Let's jump past the tech speak to help your audiences understand what solutions they need now to do their best work.

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drow, inc. is a content strategy and 
copywriting consultancy focused on creating stellar experiences through simple storytelling, clear messaging, and open conversations.

Named with its purpose in mind, drow is 'word' spelled backwards—a consistent reminder to welcome fresh perspectives and seek out new ways to communicate. 

Hi. I'm Kate Addicott. For more than 12 years I've been living and working in NYC as a copywriter and creative strategist, specializing in marketing and UX content for major brands. 

I'm at a fortunate point in my career where my passion for tech and my communication skills are merging to match a growing need in the B2B market. I love helping people understand how cloud, AI, blockchain, and other solutions can help them at work and in their lives in exciting new ways.


From agencies to in-house, startups to Fortune 500s, candy and toys to cloud computing and community-building platforms, my range of experiences has shaped a unique perspective.  


My work with user experience teams, usability labs, and agile development environments makes me a great fit for UX, content strategy, and product copywriting. 


Focusing on KPIs, conversion metrics, and A/B testing proves words can sell. Understanding empathy and audience awareness means that your messaging will have powerful and lasting effects. Whatever you need, I can help you find the right words to help make it happen.

Let's talk about what your business needs so we can find 

faster and better ways to reach your goals together. 

Visit me on LinkedIn to learn more about my experience and 

read some of the very nice things former coworkers, supervisors, 

and clients have to say about my work.


Here are some of the brands drow, inc. has worked and played with over the past 5+ years.

shapeways sw
Pepsi blue


Creating and maintaining a strong brand voice is critical in building trust and connecting with your audiences. 

We'll start with some light soul-searching in the research and discovery phase. 

Add on a four-quadrant approach to brand personality identification, plus special attention to the needs and desires of your audience. Put it all together, and that's when your brand personality really starts to stand out.


For a deeper dive into these examples, just click or tap the images here.
Plated app experience
Think 2018
Google AdWords
IBM Watson
hudly wireless

Brand identity & content strategy

  • Brand personality 

  • Voice guidelines

  • Brand narratives and storytelling

  • Brand workshops

  • Blog and editorial strategy

  • Employee engagement and training materials

  • Experiential storytelling for events, installations, and workspaces

Copywriting services & specialties

  • User experience and product writing 

  • Website content, optimized for mobile and apps

  • Integrated advertising and marketing copy

  • Emails and CRM nurturing campaigns

  • Conversion-driven communications

  • Articles, blog posts, and product announcements
  • Content marketing and social media
  • Bios, pitch decks, and company overviews


But enough about me. Let's talk about you.
Send me an email so we can get this conversation started.
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