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Named with its purpose in mind, drow is word spelled backwards—a consistent reminder to welcome fresh perspectives and seek out new ways to communicate. 

Hi. I'm Kate Addicott, head consultant and president here at drow, inc. Perhaps you know me as @thekateyouknow. For right now it's mostly just me, but I can quickly assemble a team at any time if you need more help.


Over my 10+ years of working as a copywriter for major brands in New York, I’ve teamed up with some of the best and brightest designers, marketers, developers, and strategists around. (I'm also happy to make introductions!)

From agencies to in-house, startups to Fortune 500s, candy and toys to cloud computing and community-building platforms, my range of experiences has shaped a unique perspective.  


My work with user experience teams, usability labs, and agile development environments makes me a great fit for UX, content strategy and product copywriting


Focusing on KPIs, conversion metrics, and A/B testing proves words can sell. Understanding empathy and audience awareness means that your marketing will have powerful and lasting effects. Whatever you need, we'll find the right words to help make it happen.

Let's talk about what your business needs so we can find 

faster and better ways to reach your goals together. 

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read some of the very nice things former coworkers, supervisors, 

and clients have to say about my work.


Here are some of the brands drow, inc. has worked and played with over the past year+.

The subtleties of voice and tone are the subjects of some of my favorite 

brand conversations. Often these terms are swapped around and used to mean the same thing. In application, they’re actually quite different. 


Voice, along with other elements of the look and feel, is the expression of a brand's personality. 

Tone is how a brand delivers its message for a given situation.

Think of it from a personal perspective: 

Your voice is always a reflection of your personality, and your personality 

has many different dimensions—or, in brand terms, attributes.

Your tone, however, often changes based on your situation, audience, or surroundings. You're not likely to talk to your mother the same way you would talk to your college roommate, and you aren't going to use the same language with your four-year-old niece as you do with your new boss. In all of these moments, you can still be yourself, but you choose to communicate differently based on your given circumstances. 


Your voice reflects your personality

Your tone changes based on context

It’s the same for your brand.

And you can have it all figured out in just

a few strategic steps...

We'll start with some light soul-searching and a research and discovery phase. 

Add on a four-quadrant approach to brand personality identification, plus special attention to the needs and desires of your audience. Put it all together, and that's when your brand voice begins to sing.

Strike up a real conversation

Taking the time to listen to the wants and needs of customers is only the beginning. Sometimes observing their actions and behaviors can teach you even more about how to create better experiences—and make more sales.


Let's talk about what I've learned from years at strategic brand agencies, conversion-driven startups, UX-focused incubators, and major tech giants obsessed with A/B testing, user research, journey mapping, and CRO.

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Copywriting services & specialties

  • User experience and product writing 

  • Website content, optimized for mobile and apps

  • Integrated advertising and marketing copy

  • Emails and CRM nurturing campaigns

  • Conversion-driven communications

  • Articles, blog posts, and product announcements
  • Content marketing and social media
  • Bios, pitch decks, and company overviews

Brand identity & content strategy

  • Brand personality 

  • Voice guidelines

  • Brand narratives and storytelling

  • Brand workshops

  • Usability testing and research

  • Blog and editorial strategy

  • Editorial calendar creation

  • Content audits and viability assessments

  • Employee engagement and training materials

  • Environmental storytelling for events, installations, and workspaces

  • Creative direction